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Learn the Ingredients to a Cultural Metamorphosis

Are you an HR pro passionate about a people-first employee experience yet stuck on a work hamster wheel? Are you ready to help your organization step into a modern and connection-rich employee experience but just need some help bringing your ideas to life? We got you!
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Peace, Love, & Meaningful Careers - The Course

Learn With Gusto!

Learn directly from the author of Peace, Love, & Meaningful Careers - The Book and go deeper into experience, research, and the framework for a thriving workplace culture.

In this program, we tackle progressive people strategy and help you move your organization into the modern world of people-centric HR methodology.

Understanding that an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is at the core of one’s people strategy, you will gain access to our very own Employee Value Proposition (EVP) methodology, including guides and video instruction to help you build an EVP for your organization.

An EVP will assist your organization in building an intentional people strategy where every program and initiative that you launch going forward will be designed with cohesion. This not only helps build an exceptional employee experience but also supports your employer brand.

In this course, we will cover:

  • The criticality of escaping legacy behaviors
  • The significance of EVP development and employer brand strategy
  • Grace in leadership
  • Rethinking how you design policies and guidelines
  • Building belonging in the workplace
  • How to weave purpose into the employee experience
  • How to use traditions and storytelling to further unify your organization while attracting prospective talent to join the journey
  • And more

Worried about time?

We get it! We designed this course to easily integrate into your professional life. Modules are designed to cut to the chase, remove the "fluff", and help you move into action.

Plus, we release the implementation tools which will not only save you time but will save you A LOT of money. We share our simplified EVP process along with templates and guides to help you navigate this critical exercise with ease.

Remember, an EVP is the core of one’s people strategy. With this vital piece of work crystalized, you will now be able to utilize our blueprint to design an employee lifecycle with intention and cohesion.

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We created a video module and workbook on employee resource groups, what they are, and how to get started with them. And we also want you to have a digital copy of the book Peace, Love, & Meaningful Careers…YAY!

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