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Why Upper Brand

  • Gain Clarity

    Gain clarity around who you are as a professional and what you want in this next phase of your career.

  • Communicate With Confidence

    Discover your value proposition and learn to share it with confidence. Learn effective interviewing techniques.

  • Go Behind the Scenes

    Get inside the head of a recruiter and learn what truly happens with your resume after you apply and interview.


  • What will I learn?

    Not only will you learn about how to prepare for a solid job search, but you will learn a lot about yourself and your value proposition. This course was designed to educate and inspire you to reach your potential.

  • What is the instruction style?

    We leave stuffy corporate speak behind and share knowledge in a human way. From storytelling with personal anecdotes to inspiring words of global thought leaders in the personal development space, we leave boring behind and aim to connect with you in a meaningful way.

  • Will I be ready for my job search when I am done the course?

    Not only will you be ready, you will be inspired to take action. From learning about yourself and where you would like your career to go, to translating that into a beautiful resume to share your talents, this course was designed to build skills and confidence.

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